The Reciprocal Archive


#TheReciprocalArchive is a collaboration between artist Marysia Lewandowska and designer Luke Gould, inspired and informed by research at the Jo Spence Memorial Archive in London. By engaging the process of dialogical working methods developed by Jo and her many collaborators, the project seeks to activate a platform for the sharing, dissemination and exchange of knowledge and ideas through the act of publishing. A series of timely releases via various distribution and media channels will encourage others to participate in creating their own responses, by extension making the archive into a live, conversational resource.

The project will begin on twitter and is open to all.

Share what you know and access the archive of images and documents @ShareWhatIKnow

Newspaper Release 01: Sheet 1, Sheet 2.

Listen to Jo Spence speak here.

Commissioned by Studio Voltaire.