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For the past four years my critical engagement with Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden unfolded under a heading of Institutional Healing, focussing on conversations regarding governance, public participation and collective authorship. These have resulted in a new installation taking as its point of reference the history of the institution through the 1989 Donald Judd exhibition, which in 2011 was re-staged by David Zwirner Gallery in New York.

Having encountered an audio tape with Judd’s interview recorded at the time, and which , with the Judd Foundation’s consent, has been recently released into the public domain, I have built, both materially and conceptually, a new context for the recording. Centring on questions regarding the construction of the artist’s voice, the political circumstances surrounding the recording itself, and the implications of voice and voicing for the future history of the institution, the archival gesture helped in establishing a contested terrain of authority. Constructing a free-standing recording studio reminiscent of Judd’s aluminium sculptures inside the Kunsthalle gallery space, I followed the artist’s construction methods, while summoning the structure to perform a dedicated role as a mise-en-scène for interview recordings. The hard, perfectly finished shell of the outer skin provided no clues to the appearance of its inner ambience. The sprayed white paper walls, created a safe, welcoming zone in which conversations were held. The interviews were public, with the audience sitting in the gallery, hearing the voices though loudspeakers; this separation granted intimacy and privacy during the interview process.

Through a curated series of interviews, the curatorial team has explored an opportunity of slowing down the archival knowledge, while pointing to exclusions, gaps and tensions between the right to speak and the ability to be heard.

Curated by Misal Adnan Yildiz, co-curated by Dominik Busch. Architecture in collaboration with Mooradian Studio.

Poster designed by stinsensqueeze