Open Engagement

Tom Heneghan, 1975

Open Engagement: Commissioning and Producing Art for the Public Realm; an international symposium about the roles of the producers and commissioners of art in the public realm at Marabouparken.

Presentation of Adaptation:Experience Social Cinema

The Social Cinema project (2006) developed as a collaboration between chanceprojects and 51% Studios (architects Peter Thomas and Catherine du Toit) traces a movement from the representation of ‘everyday’ life, to contemporary participation in those representations through film and mobile technologies. The project consisted of a series of temporary cinemas, each installed for one night only into the existing urban fabric of London. In each location buildings themselves become screens, steps become seating, houses projection booths and un-built space auditoria. By negotiating the use of the neglected parts of the city as well as landmark buildings questions of public ownership, belonging and creative practice are brought together. As the cinemas range in size and ambience, The Social Cinema film programme adjusts accordingly emerging through a number of sources. Excerpts of lectures from the Architectural Association Archives introduce ideas and observations that are then explored and expanded by films made by people living and playing in London.

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