What is the good of work

What is the good of work? How and why did the future change from the sixties and seventies vision of a leisure society to an exhausting life of increasingly purposeless work? What are the implications of the shift from a Fordist model of production to a post-Fordist one? Why is work valorized in contemporary society? What happened to the critique of labor and its radical potential from the Middle Ages up through the strategies of the Situationists and others? As unemployment becomes an increasing reality, how might we think of unemployment as an artistic and philosophical category?

These questions are examined during four events at the Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building in the East Village. Each event involves two guests –one artist and one cultural producer of another kind. Marysia Lewandowska and Peter Fleming were the guests at the first event on October 17. The pairs to follow are Marion von Osten and Tom McCarthy, Liam Gillick and Gianni Vattimo, Carles Guerra and Michael Hard

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