Publishing in Process

Who owns information and knowledge? What are the contemporary conditions, politics, and economies of its production, circulation, and distribution? What are the terms on which it should be shared, both inside the art context and beyond? How have the possibilities of digital technologies, network culture and access to global means of distribution put pressure on such issues? How can we contextualize the growing number of artists, artworks, projects, essays, and exhibitions which seek to address the role of intellectual property? How can the art institution be a productive site for critique or activism with regards to open culture?

Watch the videos of  4 talks. 29th February 2012 by Florian Schneider, 23rd March 2012 by Antonia Hirsch, 11th April 2012 by Marina Vishmidt, 24th May 2012 by Matthew Stadler

Collectively initiated with curator Laurel Ptak, Publishing in Process: Ownership in Question is a long-term research project on the subject of intellectual property, art practice, open culture, and the public realm.

The project, in collaboration with Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm, The Showroom, London, Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht   has and will continue to produce various outcomes including a series of events and in 2013 a book with Sternberg Press.

Download a handout (PDF)